Zedmed is an advanced ‘All in One’ Practice Management solution designed by Doctors to improve patient care and streamlined practice management.

In this rapidly changing and complex digital health care environment Zedmed has automated tasks, reduced complexity and put the delivery of information flows for staff and patients at the clinicians’ fingertips.

From the moment a customer books an appointment to they pay their bill, Zedmed is supporting each stage of the patient interaction and customer health journey, using progressive multi featured technology. Our system integrates with well known applications but more importantly puts most of what the clinic needs within the one end to end system as inclusive features. Things like Clinician App for anywhere access, SMS, direct access to Medicare Web Services, My health record, referrals & results access, intramail, billing, online appointments, telehealth and more.

Zedmed is the perfect solution for forward thinking practices that want to use the best technology to deliver the best care for their patients.


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