Brechtus Engelsma

Invited International Speaker

Brechtus Engelsma is a physiotherapist and working as a manager in a rehabilitation clinic in the North of the Netherlands. Brechtus previously worked as an acute care physiotherapist on Intensive Care and Chirurgical wards in different hospitals. As a registered sports and manual therapist he was also a member of different multidisciplinary “painteams”.

As well as a member of the Board of the Royal Dutch Association of Physiotherapy, Brechtus is also a Board member of the Pain Alliance in the Netherlands, an alliance of health workers and patients with the main goal to get recognition and the right position in the health system in Netherlands for patients with chronical pain. He is also a Board member of the foundation Fit4surgery, a foundation with the main goal to broaden the knowledge and the use of the principles of prehabilitation for all the patients who are at risk after their operation.

As a KNGF Board member Brechtus is delegated to the advisory board of the Information committee of the ministry of health, welfare and sports. The main goal of this committee is to ensure and improve the data exchange in the public health and welfare systems in the Netherlands.