Maurice Blackburn is the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s preferred legal services partner, providing a high level of educational support for members via face to face meetings, conferences, webinars and advertising.

Maurice Blackburn provides the following legal services:

  • plaintiff law (workers compensation, road accident and public liability injuries)
  • public liability law covers a wide range of circumstances including injuries sustained in a public place. If you have been hurt on private property or in a public place, such as a shopping centre, a park, or even on the footpath through no fault of your own, you may be able to make a public liability claim.
  • employment law - as part of this partnership, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers cannot provide advice where there may be conflicting interests. This occurs with respect to employment law enquiries and is due to APA members being both employees and employers. For this reason, and to ensure you obtain appropriate and timely advice, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers can connect you with the appropriate law firm or organisation to support you with your enquiry. This initial call will be free of charge.
  • superannuation and insurance claims your superannuation can provide you with an income source if you have to stop work because of injury or sickness. We can assist with early access to superannuation, disability benefits, income protection and life insurance.
  • wills and estate planning and administration. Disputes (if you have been cut out of a will or not been allocated a fair share of the estate).
  • reviews of employment contracts. Employment contract reviews are charged at $1200 plus GST. Where there is a conflict of interest between APA members (employers) and APA members (employees), Maurice Blackburn will not act for either party but will make a referral to another legal firm.

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